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How to become an OpenStreetMap pro

I gave a talk about OSM at Fireshonks – one of the online events in place of the CCC’s cancelled annual Chaos Communication Congress.

Since a lot of the existing talks on OSM cover introduction / tutorials or a very specific subject, I wanted to give a talk for those already familiar with basic mapping. Specifically, I wanted viewers to understand the OSM ecosystem a little better and wanted to provide some options of what to do after getting started with OSM. The talk covers some technical explanations, editing tips, and various tools for review and QA.

Note to self: A short (30 min) time slot doesn’t reduce the effort required, nor the amount information I want to provide. I ended up with a lot of slides and had to rush over them. My apologies for the slurred speech!


The video is available in English (OV) and German translation (SI).
Please select the desired audio track.

The video is hosted on and is mirrored to YouTube (en, de).


See osm-pro.pdf (PDF; 14Mb)


I sometimes post about #openstreetmap (or #osm) on Mastodon.
Feel free to reach out for any questions or comments!