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Overview and introduction to OSINT and OPSEC

I gave an overview / introduction talk about OSINT and OPSEC at the CCC’s annual Chaos Communication Congress (rc3 NOWHERE).

OSINT is the extraction of information from freely available sources. But what exactly is OSINT and why is it useful not only for intelligence agencies and journalists? How can the smallest details be exploited to locate or date an inconspicuous photo? Which tools and sources exist, how can information be verified, what does OSINT have to do with “OPSEC” and what should you keep in mind when sharing your life on the Internet?
All these questions are anwered in my talk “OSINT: Ich weiß wo dein Haus wohnt” (engl. ~ “I know where you live”).


The video is available in German (OV) and English (VO).
Please select the desired audio track.

The video is hosted on and is mirrored to YouTube (de, en).


German – See osint.pdf (PDF; 16Mb, sorry)


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Also, I regularly tweet and toot about #osint (or #opsec).
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